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Controleer of je paranormaal begaafd bent. Druk op het nummer op je toetsenbord om de volgende worp van de dobbelsteen te voorspellen. Als het blauwe blokje helemaal uit het grijze gebied is, ben je paranormaal begaaft.
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Above is placed, or will be placed, the history of the predictions and results.


If you try to predict the throw of a dice, you have chance of a one in six to have it right. This means if you throw the dice sixty times, you can expect ten correct predictions. This does not mean if you have more than 10 corect predictions, you can predict the future. The chance of making exactly ten correct predictions is 13.4%, the chance for eleven correct predicions is just slightly less: 12.5%.

The bar shows the probabilities. The width of the blue block shows the chance of exact the number of correct predictions you had. The space to the right shows the chance for more correct predictions than you have made, and to the left the chance of less correct predictions.

For a statistical significal result, you need to predict significal more correct predictions. How much is significant? That depends on how sure you want to be of you psychic abilities.

Usually a confidence interval of 95% will be used.

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Palm route vote Su Doku IQ Test life zeef Psychic Piet Mondriaan Euro
Thuis Hobby Werk spam Code WWW

Toni Cornelissen
1 januari 1970
Lid van de Technetium groep
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