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Toni's Programmes

From the following projects of mine, source code is available:
SourceThis programme converts, amongst others, Perl code to HTML.
IQ QuizThe worlds most difficult IQ Quiz.
wmailWebMail is a programme through which you can deal with your e-mailonline.
PalmMy results on the Palm platform. At this moment, I'm working on an English tutorial.
routeMy Route Applet with cycling routes as demo.
voteSimulate an election and the voting process.
newpicSee UseNet images through the web.
lifeJohn Conway's Game of Life
PsychicCheck if you have psychic abilities.
Piet MondriaanCreate your own Mondriaan like paintings.
zeefEratosthenes' sieve demonstrated by a javascript.
EuroConvertert the value of the Euro coins.
GoThe go-utils.pl module is used to convert ascii go-diagrammes to SFG and HTML.
NSWrite a default complaint letter for the RailWays.
HPVCalculate, for various bikes, the speed as function of power, or the other way round.
ColourAn overview of colors.
Colour selection
Word search
Test Tiles

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Palm route vote Su Doku IQ Quiz life zeef Psychic Piet Mondriaan Euro
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Toni Cornelissen
1 January 1970
Lid van de Technetium groep
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